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Private Collection - Bravizky

Autor: JAIME ALTIERI Bravizky

Material: Silkscreen: Series (Original) # 1683/2000

The Ligthhouse of Fajardo

  • The Ligthhouse of Fajardo

    Limited Series: 262 / 300 II (there is only this unit available).

    Regarding significant details of this work of art and its technique, the author shows the most significant details, taking the time of 1882 and studying the most significant details of the beginning of that period with the Neoclassical architectural style.

    Cape San Juan Light is a historic lighthouse located in the northeast part of the highest point of Cape San Juan in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. The lighthouse was built in 1880 and was officially lit on May 2, 1882.  -Wikipedia

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