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The QUEEN ESTHER is a stunning painting by renowned artist Luis Bravizky. Recently exhibited at ART BOX.Projects in Miami, this masterpiece is a true work of art that captures the essence of Queen Esther, blurring the lines of her story and representing the oppression of her people. When you see this painting "FACE to FACE," you'll be swept away by the intricate details and the powerful message it conveys. With its bold colors and striking composition, the QUEEN ESTHER is the perfect addition to any intellectual's art collection.


  • It is the most recent masterpiece of the painter Luis Bravizky. This piece was exhibited at the Miami Gallery, ART BOX.Projects, When you see this work in front; "FACE to FACE" you will find that this painting of Queen Esther is a work of art, which blurs the basic side of her story. It represents the oppression of its people, racism, discrimination and exile. Even so, his love and faith (which cannot be seen) is what creates justice and through the love given to the king, he manages to save his people from social oppression.

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