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Private Collection - Bravizky

Autor: JAIME ALTIERI Bravizky

Material: Silkscreen: Series (Original) # 1683/2000


Our Best Wishes for the Holiday Season


    In 1717, George I of England planned a trip along the Thames River. Accompanied by a barge, a group of musicians led by Handel played the sublime Water Music for the first time.

    The delightful sounds of Handel's music preceded the afternoon. The royal barge, behind the orchestra, traveled along the golden waters of the river with a long line of boats of courtiers and servants in tow. Perhaps the last of them was this curious ship that transported the King's cats, with their attendants. Animated fish leap after the serene caravan, piquing the curiosity of the felines and their cuddly royal caretakers. And they continue their journey into the extravagant afternoon, surrounded by a symphony of sounds and the last rays of a memorable sunset.

    The colorful but circumspect characters in JAIME ALTIERI's paintings come to life with the viewer's nostalgia. Perhaps this quality that Puerto Rico and the United States collectors see in her work makes her such a valuable acquisition. This San Juan native was born and raised and studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Madrid and the School of Plastic Arts of the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture of San Juan. He once owned his gallery, but soon realized that the business was taking away from the artist. He abandoned this endeavor to continue painting passionately in his studio in Old San Juan, the city he loves.

    NOTE by: José A. Peláez

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